The best joke.. At ….

The best joke..

At London airport, an announcement goes out over the Public Address System: “Mr. Rand Chod Kar Sandaas ! pls report to Reception”.

Ranchhodbhai Karsandas, who has just arrived ex Surat, goes red with anger. He goes to the reception, & shouts loudly to d English receptionist.

D following conversation must go into history books of cock-ups:

Ranchhodbhai: “MadarChod ! I am Ranchhod..”

Receptionist: “Mr. Madar Chod Rand Chod ? Sir, that is not d name I have here.. I have Mr. Rand Chod Kar Sandaas..”

Ranchhodbhai: “Arrey Bhenchod, I m NOT Madar chod !!!”

Receptionist: “So r u Mr. R.A. Ben or Mr. R.A. Chod ? Is ur surname Ben or Chod ?”

Ranchhodbhai: (now really really pissed) “Chootia taari ! I m Ranchhod..”

Receptionist: “Excellent sir, so who is Chootia Tari then ?”

Whenupon a Chinese guy turns up at the Reception and says: “Were u calling me ?”

Receptionist: “Who r u?”

Chinese Guy: “I m Choo Tia.

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