Positive Orgasm: O y ….

Positive Orgasm: O yes, oh yess, yess!

Negative Orgasm: O no, oh noo, noo!

Spiritual oragasm: Oh God, oh God, I’m comin…

Classical Indian orgasm: Nahi.. Nahii.. Nahiiinn!!!

Rock ‘n’ Roll Orgasm: Oh baby oh yeah, oh baby.

Heavy Metal Orgasm: Yaa Come on Honey… F**k me hard… Yeahh Babby… come on…

Grand Maratha Orgasm: Aai Ga. aayi aaayi… Aaayiii gaa!!

Parsi Orgasm: Oh mummy mummy mummy!!!

Gujju Orgasm: Oh Bhagwan… mari gai… mari gai… aaahh!

South Indian Orgasm: Aaiiyo… Aaiiyo… Aaiyayyo!

Punjabi Orgasm: Chal utar ja hun, mainu hor vi kamm HAIN!

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