Once a Minister went ….

Once a Minister went to the Mental Asylum to see the condition of the people kept there. He saw that some had gone from bad to worse and some were improving. After inspecting some he came to a corner and saw Banta, who was sitting rather quietly.

He went to him and asked him, “How are you ?”

Banta calmly replied, “I am fine, what about you Sir”.

The Minister was quite surprised at the reply. The Minister asked him many questions about General knowledge and to his surprise Banta answered them all right.

The surprised Minister told him, “You dont seem to be mad then why are you kept here.”

Banta replied, “Even I’m unable to understand!”

The minister took out a cigarette packet and took one cigarette and gave the packet to Banta.

He took out all the cigarettes and peeled the paper cover off and took out all the tobacco and put it on his head and asked the minister for a lighter. The minister gave him a lighter.

He burnt the tobacco on his head, opened his pajamas and asked the Minister, “Sir, would you like to have Hukkah (sheesha).”

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