Motion Sickness

Santa and Banta are discussing the possibility of love. “I thought I was in love three times,” Santa says. “Thought…?” Banta asks. “What do you mean?” “Three years ago, I cared very deeply for a woman who wanted nothing to do with me,” Santa says. “Wasn’t that love?” Banta asks. “No, that was obsession,” Santa explains. “Then two years ago, I cared very deeply for an attractive woman who didn’t understand me.” “Wasn’t that love?” asks Banta. “No, that was lust,” Santa replies. “And just last year, I met a woman while I was on a cruise. She was gorgeous, intelligent, a great conversationalist and had a super sense of humor. Everywhere I followed her on that ship, I would get a very strange sensation in the pit of my stomach.” “Well, wasn’t that love,” asks Banta. “No. That was motion sickness!” Santa replies.

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