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A gorgeous young blo ….

A gorgeous young blode woman gets sick and tired of men trying to pick her up in bars because she is beautiful, blonde, and so men thought she was easy.

One she decides to show everyone. She goes home and decides to smarten herself up. She decides to learn the capitals of all fifty states. Week after week she practices until she know them all. Finally, she is once again ready to go back to the bar.

She sits down and after a few seconds a guy comes up to her and starts hitting on her. It is soon evident that he just wants to take her home and have sex with her.
The lovely blonde says emphatically, “But I`m not just beautiful! I`m smart too!!”


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One day this guy not ….

One day this guy noticed that a new couple, Banta and Preeto, had moved into the house next door. He was also quick to notice that Preeto liked to sunbathe in the backyard, usually in a skimpy bikini that showed off a magnificent pair of breasts. He made it a point to water and trim his lawn as much as possible, hoping for yet another look. Finally, he could stand it no more.

Walking to the front door of Banta’s house, he knocked and waited. Banta opened the door.

“Excuse me,” he stammered, “but I couldn’t help noticing how beautiful your wife is.”

“Yeah? So?” Banta replied.

“Well, in particular, I am really struck by how beautiful her brea

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Two lesbians are wal ….

Two lesbians are walking up the street. They see a gorgeous woman who is tall and curvaceous.

1st lesbian: Oh, look how beautiful she is!

2nd: Uhmm, yummy!

1st: Look at her breasts!

2nd: Uhmm

1st: Look at her legs!

2nd: Uhmm

1st: What is this all “Uhmm, uhmm”? Can you say something else?

2nd writes on a piece of paper: “I can’t, my tongue got hard.”

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