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Santa and Banta are ….

Santa and Banta are at work, digging a hole. Banta asks Santa other, “Why is that guy up there sitting under the tree while we do all the work?”

Santa said that he doesn`t know, so he goes up and asks him why.

The guy under the tree says, “Because I have intelligence.”

Santa says, “What`s that?”

So the guy under the tree stands up and says, “Punch me as hard as you can.”

Santa winds up and punches him, but the intelligent guy moves away and the digger punches the tree. His hand is now killing him.

Santa says, “Oh, I think I know what it is now.”

He goes back down to Banta.

Banta asks, ”

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This guy goes to the ….

This guy goes to the doctor after being constipated for two weeks.

The doctor prescribes a heavy-duty laxative and tells him to take two when he gets home. The guy goes home to his fourth story apartment, pops two of the pills and lays down for a nap.

When he awakens he finds that the laxative is so powerful that he has relieved two weeks worth of blockage all over the bed as he slept. Totally disgusted the man toils over what to do with the mess and finally decides to bundle up the sheets and pitch them out the window.

About this time a wino comes walking along still hung-over from the night before and splat! The sheet lands Right

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