CA ki wife: Suniye ….

CA ki wife:
Suniye ji, Yeh inflation kya hai?

Pehle tu 36-24-36 thi
Ab tu 48-40-48 hai !

Ab tere pass sab kuch pehle se jyada hai, phir bhi Teri value pahle se kam hai.


Economics is not that difficult if we have the right examples.
Interviewer: What is Recession?

Candidate: When “Wine & Women” get replaced by “Water & Wife”
that critical phase of life is called Recession!!😜
Accountancy fact:
What is the difference between Liability & Asset?

A drunk friend is liability
A drunk Girlfriend is an Asset.
Absolute Classic!!!

Heated gold is called ornaments
Beaten copper is called wire
Compressed carbon is called diamond.
Heated, beaten and compressed human is called HUSBAND

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