Banta comes home une ….

Banta comes home unexpectedly{having forgotten his wallet}. He finds his 6 year old son Kukkoo, peeping into his bedroom{eyes glued to the keyhole}. Upon seeing his dad, Kukoo breaks down and starts crying

Banta: “Bete Kukoo, kya hua?” {Son, what happened?}

Kukoo: {points to the Bedroom} “waaaaaaaa dadddy…… padose wale Uncle” {the neighbor}

Banta frantically knocks on the door. Mrs Banta opens the door {in a state of near undress}. Smelling a rat, Banta starts searching the room. He looks under the bed, in the closet, in the bathroom….and finds his neighbour standing behind the curtains STARK NAKED.

Banta: {Slapping Neighbour} Saale sharam nahin aati ….. nange ho ke chote bacchon ko darate ho{You should be ashamed of yourself- you are scaring little children with your nudity}!

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