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Hum Nahin Kehte Hama ….

Hum Nahin Kehte Hamari

Hum Nahin Kehte Hamari, Teri Duniya Ho Jaye;

Itne Rangon Mein Koi Rang Toh Apna Ho Jaye;

Ishq Woh Turfa-Balaa Hai Ke Kare Jis Ki Talb;

Us Ko Maloom Na Ho, Sheher Mein Charcha Ho Jaye;

Do Sitaron Ko Jo Dekhoon Teri Ankhein Ban Jayein;

Chand Ko Dheyan Mein Laaon Tera Chehra Ho Jaye;

Har Dora Hai Yeh Nigehbaan Khari Hai Kismat;

Kaise Mumkin Hai Ke Har Shasks Ka Socha, Ho Jaye;

Hum Ko Har Bazm Mein, Har Haal Mein Sach Kehna Hai;

Sheher Ka Sheher Khafaa Hota Hai, Acha Ho Jaye;

Ishq Woh Kaar-e-M

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A 18-year-old girl f ….

A 18-year-old girl finally had the opportunity to go to a party by herself. Since she was very good-looking, she was a bit nervous about what to do if boys hit on her.

Her mom said, “It’s very easy! Whenever a boy starts hitting on you, you ask him, ‘What will be the name of our baby?’ That’ll scare them off.”

So off she went. After a little while at the party, a boy started dancing with her, and little by little he started kissing her and touching her.

She asked him, “What will our baby be called?”

The boy found some excuse and disappeared. Some time later, the same thing happened again; a boy started to kiss her neck, her shoulders… She

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