An engaged couple we ….

An engaged couple were at the bride to be’s family home doing wedding planning stuff. The mother and father had to leave after a while. The bride to be, realized she needed more envelopes for the invitations.

“I’m going to run into town with Suzy. You just go ahead and stay here.” she told her fiancee.

After she left her eighteen year old sister came down. She was smokin hot, and wearing a slutty little getup. She had always been a bit catty towards him, but today she was giving him a look he’d only seen in her older sisters eyes before.

“Everyone going to be gone a while…” she said smiling. “Why don’t you come upstairs and have one last fling before you get married.” She winked at him as his jaw dropped. Halfway up the stairs she dropped her panties and tossed them down towards him.

Sitting there in astonishment he watched her go upstairs. The next thing you know he bolted for the front door.

Outside was his finacee, her best friend Suzy, and his future in-laws.

The father grabbed him in a big hug and said “Son! Welcome to the family. Sorry I had to do that, and get everyone in but I had to make sure you were really as good a guy as my daughter has said.”

The moral of the story is Always keep your condoms in your car.

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