A woman was having s ….

A woman was having sex with her lover in her apartment. Suddenly she heard her husband arrive, She told her lover, stay like statue and Don’t move.

Husband, “Who is this?”

Wife, “This is a robot I bought to have sex, when you are travelling.”

Husband, “Ok, let’s have sex now.”
Wife, “No sweetheart, yesterday I got my period, So I will go & make a cup of coffee 4 you.”

After she left the husband said, “Damn it I’m so horny, I will fuck this robot!”

He tried fucking.

The lover started talking in a metallic robotic way, “”SYSTEM ERROR! WRONG HOLE! SYSTEM ERROR! WRONG HOLE.”

Husband, “Damn! Robot is not working properly, I’m throwing it out of the window.”

The lover realised that he was on the 20th floor so he said, “SOFTWARE UPDATED” PLEASE TRY AGAIN.”

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