A hotel holds three ….

A hotel holds three weddings on the same day and at the end of the night the three grooms meet up at the bar to discuss the days events over a couple of night-caps.

One questions the other two, “Look it’s our wedding night and I was wondering how many times are we expected to… um… you know…. do it!”

The other two look blankly at him, then they all delve into a conversation about whether the usual once is enough, or should they go for twice, as its a special occasion! Anyway they decide to retire to their respective wives and see how the night goes, with the idea that over breakfast they’ll discuss what went on.

Suddenly one of

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Ek aaadmi ki shaadi ….

Ek aaadmi ki shaadi ek traafic police waali ladki se ho jaati hai.

Agle din uske doston ne pucha: Bata Bhai Kaisi Rahi Suhagrat?

Aadmi: Mat pucho yaar, bahut bura hua mere saath. Kisi Police waLi ke saath kabhi shaadi mat karna.

Dost: Arre batao bhi, aisa kya ho gaya?

Aadmi: Usne suhaag raat ko hi mujhe 800 Rs ka jurmaana thok diya.

Dost, hairani se: Jurmaana!!! Oye kis cheez ka jurmaana?

Aadmi: 100 Rs Over Speed, 300 Wrong Side Entry aur 400 Rs Without Helmet ka…

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I sent a msg to a gi ….

I sent a msg to a girl..

Would u like to b my fb frnd?

She replied Yes

but a few days later..

She: do u know gud english?

I interact only in english…

Me: yeah!

She: do u know what is frndship.?

I was very angry, so

i replied

– frndship is an interpersonal and

immediate understanding of

interactional ways of peculiaristic and

democratically undefined methods of

controlling emotional hyperbolic

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